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W1-W* Women's Display Package


FOR WHOLESALERS ONLY-The top sellers in Authentic Horse Hair styles for Women. The pine and copper plated display rotates and takes up online inches of space. This package includes:

Front Side- 8 styles of adjustable bracelets (48 Pieces); a full size selection of The Silver Wing, Cross, Taos, Sedona, Prescott Magnetic Clasp Bracelets  (30 pieces), plus 4 styles of Beaded Bracelets. 

Back Side-8 styles of our most popular Women's Chokers (16 pieces) and 3 each of the matching earrings; 4 styles of the beaded N6 necklaces plus 6 styles of our most popular earrings. (36 total earrings)

Fixture measures 11.25"w x 15.25" l x 22"h and is FREE. $1299.00 SAVE $189.00 with purchase of the package. 

W1-W* Women's Display Package