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Basic Starter Package


FOR WHOLESALERS ONLY. Out of small packages comes BIG things. This two-sided copper diamond plate display has our top selling, high volume horse hair products for both men and women. 

Front Side- 2 pair of three different styles of earrings = 6 pair; 2 styles of key chains=8 pieces; 3 styles of chokers = 6 pieces and 3 style of adjustable bracelets =12 pieces. 

Back Side-4 styles of men's neckwear=8 pieces; KC7 seven strand key chains =4 pieces and three styles of adjustable bracelets=12 pieces. 

The compact fixture is 9"x 7" and on a swivel base. $54.00 product discount PLUS $60.00 FREE display. $114.00 savings with purchase of the package. 

Basic Starter Package