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Vendors: May Deals- SAVE $2.00 on NEW Navajo Pearl Necklaces and Bracelets. Navajo Pearl Earrings $1.00 off, CKP Neckwear and Pearl Bracelets SAVE $2.00 each.

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Floor Display Starter Package


FOR WHOLESALERS ONLY-Guaranteed to increase sales, this versatile fixture has ALL our top sellers: 

Side 1-Womens Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets=117 pieces

Side 2-Mens Bracelets, Key Chains and Bolos= 64 pieces

Side 3-Bracelets: All our adjustable bracelets styles plus youth sized bracelets and chokers=102 pieces. 

Side 4-Tassel Key Chains, Zipper Pulls, Neckwear and Hatbands=61 pieces

FREE 16'' square x 52" tall slat wall display, includes our wooden logo sign with company bio and hooks for the product. $3499.00 SAVE $450.00 by ordering the package! 

Floor Display Starter Package