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Adjustable Bracelet Pillar Starter Package


FOR WHOLESALERS ONLY-Our top selling basic adjustable bracelets are shipped on the attractive pillar display. The pillar is guaranteed to boost sales on these bracelets. It also makes reordering a breeze! Package includes 12 each of the following: 

BRART-A My Obsession; BRB-A Americana; BRG-A Steamboat; BRAR-A Sunset Strip; BRW-A Prince; BRC-A Virgil; BRT-A Lunatic Fringe and BRD-A Bald Hornet. 96 total bracelets valued at $792.00 plus a FREE Pillar display (a $40.00 value)

 Your Price $730.   SAVE $102.00 on the package. 


Adjustable Bracelet Pillar Starter Package